Computer Architecture

  • Computer Architecture is the core of our research, and also the basics. Our research topics are Multi-core Architecture, Cache Architecture, Interconnection Network, Heterogeneous Computing, Architectural Support for OS/Virtualization/Secure Processing.

Mobile Computing

  • A low-power management is the main issue in mobile, handheld devices which has the limited power. To maximize the utility of the device power, it is necessary to have the policy which controls the power management efficiently and also guarantee the using time. These police are applied to many fields of the embedded operating system, such as memory management, scheduling techniques and etc.

Operating Systems

  • A virtual machine monitor is software that creates a virtualized environment between the computer platform and the end user in which the end user can operate software. One use is to provide multiple users the illusion of having an entire computer, one that is their "private" machine, isolated from other users, all on a single physical machine. Another advantage is that booting and restarting a virtual machine can be much faster than with a physical machine, since it may be possible to skip tasks such as hardware initialization.

Distributed Systems

  • Distributed Systems have become popular with Big Data, Google's Map Reduce, and Hadoop. For such processing systems need to scale out. Due to environmental issues and costs, such large scaled servers need to be energy efficient in order to be sustainable. These systems need to perform well, and so instead of using slow Disk IO we are researching on In-memory distributed systems.

Lab Seminars

  • SIGARCH : Special Interest Group in computer ARCHitecture.
  • SIGOPS : Special Interest Group in OPerating Systems
  • SIGFPGA : Special Interest Group in FPGA


The Computer Architecture Laboratory, School of Computing, KAIST, was established in 1974, the same year that School of Computing itself was established.

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